OLM Preparatory Academy Code of Conduct

  • Tuition Assistance is one way in which we support families drawn to the mission of our school.
  • Our school provides tuition assistance on a need basis.
  • Our school determines need through a process that is equitable for all applicants.
  • Our school does not manipulate that process to advantage one applicant over another.
  • Our school does not use tuition assistance to compete with other private-independent schools.

Tuition Assistance being accepted for the 2018-2019 school year starting July 16th

OLM Prep understands and appreciates the sacrifices that families make to send their children to OLM Prep. Each family's financial situation is unique and the level of financial assistance may vary. With that in mind, we are proud to offer "Tuition Assistance" for OLM Prep families.

To apply for tuition assistance, we will be using FACTS (Tuition Management Online). This information acts as the basis for OLM Prep’s decision to award tuition assistance and will be held in strict confidence with the Principal and School Board. 

It is also important to note that application forms must be completed for each year that tuition assistance is requested. This process takes into account any changes in a family’s financial situation and adjusts the amount of tuition assistance accordingly. Increases in tuition, and other fees will be considered in the renewal for assistance from year to year.

Typically, admission applications will ask whether you plan to apply for tuition assistance. If you will, the school will direct you to apply online, providinginstructions for completion. The facts and figures required on these applications are very similar to the information reported on federal income tax forms. Copies of the most recent tax returns are typically required to substantiate information presented on your application.