Our Curricular Mission

“To nurture children into kind, thoughtful, and creative innovators, who have a thirst for knowledge and can synthesize their learning while spreading their Catholic faith”

Individualized Learning Plan

At OLM Prep, every student will have an ILP- an individualized learning plan. All students will be assessed using a variety of of different evaluations. 

Then an ILP meeting will take place with the student, teacher, administrator, and any specialist (if needed). As a ILP team, we will create a specialized learning plan that will state individualized learning goals and objectives for the coming year. Throughout the year, students will receive specialized instruction based upon individual needs. Goals will be assessed and progress will be monitored. At the end of the year, the team will reconvene to examine the year's progress and create goals for the next year.

We believe that every student has unique educational and social-emotional needs. It is our mission at OLM Prep to make sure that every student experiences growth and success!


Technology and innovation play important roles in our curricula. Our students  learn about Engineering, Design, Computer Coding, Graphic Design, Video Production, Student Broadcast, Sewing and more.   


OLM Prep is happy to confirm that it provides students with CCD, sacramental preparation, weekly prayer services, and monthly masses!  Sacramental services happen by class with the OLM Prep school community. We will be using Dynamic Catholic Materials: Blessed and Decision Point for sacramental preparation next year. They are an amazing Catholic organization that is firmly grounded in faith and focusing on revitalizing Catholicism in America. 

See below for more information about our sacramental prep:

  • For First Communion and Reconciliation, we will use Blessed.
  • For Confirmation Preparation we will use Decision Point. 

For more information, please see the links below:

We are excited that the OLM family will help lead students in their spiritual journey!

Foreign Language

Students will have Spanish class multiple times a week- starting in Preschool.  OLM Prep strives for fluency by middle school in order to help students be better prepared for our global society. 

Classical Education

  • OLM Prep focuses on WHOLE CHILD: mind, body, spirit. 
  • We create  a rigorous academic culture by teaching Foundational Skills, then practicing those skills through Application and Project-based Learning.  Students Reflect upon their learning, and God is in the center of it all!
  • Exceed the standards outlined in:
    • NAPCIS (National Association of Private Catholic Schools and Independent Schools)
    • Common Core 
    • NGSS
    • ITEAA (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association) 
    • Singapore’s National Core Standards.